Kenai Peninsula Resident Survey FAQ

A Survey of Kenai Peninsula Residents

This survey was created with the purpose of understanding community resources, ties to land and the outdoors, and potential responses to change. The summarized results from the study will provide an understanding of how residents use and value local resources such as land, water, social ties, and information. Results will be used with local residents and community groups to assist in the identification of appropriate ways to respond to any changes. continue reading...

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Social Surveys: Background

Social surveys are one of the most common research methods used to assess the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of people in a community. This can be on a range of scales, from a small town, to comparing multiple countries. Surveys might be used to try to determine the effectiveness of certain policies, find out if people support planning decisions, or explore the concerns and goals of a community, as just a few examples. continue reading...

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