What places do residents value on the Kenai Peninsula?

The survey included a mapping exercise, in which respondents placed stickers on locations that were important to them for various reasons. This activity was a "values mapping" activity (see more on human ecology mapping here). People valued places for reasons such as aesthetic, economic, recreational, or biological importance. The full list of values mapped in the survey can be found in the copy of the survey accessible through the home survey portal page. Links to a few example maps can be found below. Each map was created from points mapped by all respondents put together. For some maps, you can compare 2001 and 2014 data to see how favorite places may have changed over time! Explore the value points maps and heat maps below!

Value Points Maps

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Aesthetic Values

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Wilderness Values

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Recreation Values

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Heat Maps

Click on the maps below to explore! Click here to compare a heat map with values points for 2014 recreation values!

A few example heat maps comparing the 2001 and 2014 survey data are shown below. The maps were created using ArcGIS software. Areas where many points were mapped appear in red, with fewer points mapped in blue. The values from 0 to 1 for the heat map layer mean that the values were standardized by the maximum density for each map.

Economic Values

 2001 All Values Heat Map JPEG

Aesthetic/Scenic Beauty

 2001 Aesthetic Values Heat Map JPEG

Biological Value

 2001 Recreation Values Heat Map JPEC

What is important to the Kenai Peninsula?

This interactive graph contains survey results concerning what residents feel is important for the well-being of Kenai Peninsula Communities.

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