Compare 2001 and 2014 Landscape Values Hotspots

Economic Hotspots These are images created from the 2001 (top image) and 2014 (bottom image) economic value points. Color indicates the importance of areas to survey respondents based on value point density and weights. Areas in red are areas valued the most. More on heat maps.
Sources: 2001 and 2014 Southcentral Values Surveys, AK EPSCoR, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap

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Swipe layers to explore!

The bottom layer is a black and white base map with elevation showing. The second layer is a partially transparent image of the 2014 hotspots. The top layer is an opaque image of the 2001 hotspots.
The slider on the top of the map shows or hides the top layer (2001 hotspots). Move the slider to the right to cover the map with the 2001 layer. Move the slider to the left to uncover the 2014 layer and basemap.
Click on the map to grab, pull the map where you would like, and release.
You can zoom in by using the plus and minus buttons on the top left of the map window.
The colors are on a range from 0 (blue) to 1 (red). (See the color key above the map.) Red means those locations were the most valued by survey respondents. Blue means locations had few or no value points placed on them.
To see how values points correspond with hotspots, take a look at our comparison map for the 2014 recreation values. The map is here and shows the recreation points respondents mapped in 2014 and the hotspot surfacemade from the points.