Alaska Statewide Orthoimagery Mosaic

The Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative is producing a new statewide orthomosaic, which will provide complete multispectral coverage of the state at 2.5-meter spatial resolution.

The 2012 SDMI Ortho-Imagery update is only weeks away. GINA recently announced the upcoming update to the Alaska Statewide Orthoimagery Mosaic on their blog. Much of Southcentral Alaska is included in the previous mosaic. Several additional tiles in the region are currently in review or their collection in progress.

GINA states that the "orthomosaic map created from SPOT5 2.5m imagery that meets 1:24K National Map Accuracy Standards with a CE90 of 12.2 meters. The ortho tile map products are delivered as a color infrared (CIR), psuedo-natural color, and panchromatic (grayscale). Project is fully funded and will be complete statewide in 2016."

For more information, please see the project record.