Juvenile Salmon Habitat and Climate Change in the Kenai River Watershed

by Benjamin Meyer

Aquatic Ecology Field Work

Aquatic Ecology researchers collect samples in the field.

In the Aquatic Ecology section of the EPSCoR Southcentral Test Case, we are exploring how climate change may influence habitat of juvenile Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver) Salmon in the Kenai River watershed. Juvenile Chinook...Read more

Deconstructing TEK: An Introduction to Indigenous Knowlege Systems

By Hannah Johnson

Western scientific knowledge is the dominant approach to interpreting ecological systems, informing management, interpretation, and the future of resources. This approach often leaves out crucial dialogue and fails to acknowledge other knowledge systems that can give insight into adaptive strategies, resilience, and risk-mitigation (Fernandez-Gimenez et al. 2006; Friendship and Furgal...Read more

Values and Experiences on the Kenai Survey

by Sarah Wandersee

I am a postdoctoral fellow contributing to the Alaska EPSCoR Southcentral test case. My position involves working on several major tasks, one of which is working on analysis of social-ecological relationships from social surveys and remote sensing. A large part of that work has involved developing and implementing a mailout...Read more

Adventure Learning Teacher Workshop

Hello Adventures!
Here you will find workshop details including agenda, contact information for instructors, and suggestions for supplies to bring with you.

Adventure Learning Agenda

Workshop Coordinator:
Courtney Breest
Office: 907-785-7765
Cell: 907-317-3880

Brant Miller

...Read more