Southcentral Test Case Workspace

Southcentral Test Case WebDAV shared drive

Workbox is a shared network directory for data, reports and content related to the test case that is maintained by EPSCoR and GINA on University of Alaska IT infrastructure. Think of it as a test case Dropbox or cloud storage option that is freely available to test case researchers, staff, students and collaborators as long as they have a valid login. This shared drive cab hold up to a terabyte of data making it ideal for sharing media, like videos, large datasets, reports and publications. Instead of users needing to copy, save and email what they are working on to collaborators, they can access and share information on Workspace just like other local folders or disk drives on their computer as long as they are connected to the internet. Plus, Workspace is compatible with Windows 7/8 as well as Macs, and is always available with an internet connection.

Online access:
* Requires Username and Password to gain access.

Click here for instructions.